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Human rights are universal. The rule of law is for everyone.


Welcome to UNDP’s Rule of Law and Human Rights Global Programme homepage. This platform features the work of UNDP’s Global Programme on Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development. Since 2008, the Global Programme has provided comprehensive rule of law and human rights assistance to conflict and crisis-affected contexts around the world. The Global Programme seeks to address the drivers of violent conflict and foster resilient communities that are supported by just institutions.

On this page, you can access the most recent annual report of the Global Programme as well as a repository of previous annual reports. The latest stories written by UNDP staff and our partners on the rule of law and human rights throughout the year are also featured below. To find out more about UNDP’s work on the rule of law, security, and human rights please click here.

2019 Report

The 2019 Annual Report of the Global Programme details UNDP’s contributions to strengthen the rule of law and human rights in crisis-affected contexts and progress achieved with our partners at the global, regional, and country/territory levels.

Click the button below to explore the report online and learn more about the impact we are having, gain insight into our focus areas of work, and view our finances.

Paynesville, Liberia. Members of the traditional music band The Crusaders of Peace perform to welcome the attendants of the Liberian Women’s Consultative Forum. - © UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran


To share our thinking on the latest policies and developments in the field and provide up-to-date information about our projects, we have curated the below stories written by UNDP staff and our partners working on the on the rule of law and human rights. Let us know what you want to hear more about by engaging with us on social media.

Featured Videos

To showcase our work in the field and give voice to our partners and national counterparts, we have produced the below videos focusing on different areas and aspects of our work in the field of rule of law and human rights.


Together with MINUSCA and other UN Partners, UNDP CAR is supporting the Central African Republic in strengthening rule of law and redeploying its state authority. Under the Global Focal Point arrangement, UNDP and its partners provide assistance to justice institutions in order to ensure effective functioning of special courts such as Courts of Appeal and the Special Criminal Court of CAR.  


UNDP Kyrgyzstan increased its support in the rule of law area during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to negate its negative affects on justice institutions. In order achieve this, UNDP Kyrgyzstan established legal aid hotlines, provided mobile legal support in distant and rural areas by "Solidary Buses" and provided legal assistance to persons in border areas through local lawyers.



The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights provide a framework to address and improve human rights standards in the business sector. UNDP supports the promotion of UN's Guiding Principles by providing technical advice to governments, developing policies, due diligence processess, and supporting civil society organisations and human rights defenders to improve accountability.

SparkBlue Consultations

To build on discussions in UNDP’s 2020 Annual Meeting on the Rule of Law and Human Rights, UNDP (the Global Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights Team) hosted an online consultation on UNDP’s SparkBlue platform on the ‘The Future We Want To See: Reimagining Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights and the Inclusive Social Contract’ from 29 June through 31 July 2020.

Reimagining Rule of law, security and human rights and the inclusive social contract

The consultation was structured in order to elicite insights and lessons learned from the Global Programme and to identify trends and opportunities in the Rule of Law field. 120 development practitioners from across UNDP Headquarters, regions and 46 country offices as well as from other UN-agencies, civil society, justice organizations, academia and external partners enriched the discussion with 140 unique contributions.

The consultations will contribute to a re-imagination of UNDP’s Governance, Rule of Law and Peacebuilding portfolio and will also be used to inform the design of the next phase of the Global Programme (2022-2025).

Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon. Women Police officers from the municipality of Bourj Hammoud. - © UNDP Lebanon

Past Reports

UNDP’s past rule of law and human rights annual reports on the Global Programme are listed below to provide an overview of progress achieved over the years. These reports contain detailed information on programme results, financials, and key partnerships.